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The 2019 Review is now available for download (21/11/2020)

Dryad joins the ‘disappeared’. From ‘tree spirit’ to dead in 90 days. (17/9/2020)

Response to 2020 Hen Harrier Breeding Data Published by Natural England (11/09/2020)

Northern England Raptor Forum – Annual Conference 2020 cancelled.

Another day in the Peak District National Park and another shot raptor (10/6/2020)

Lockdown, the ‘New Normal’ and raptor crime (9/6/2020)

The country may have been in lockdown but in the countryside the killing fields were still open for business as usual (18/5/2020)

Licences to take wild Peregrine chicks – Part 3 (5/5/2020) 

Licences to take wild Peregrine chicks – Part 2 (2/5/2020)

Is the Red Kite named ‘KK’ Covid – 19 collateral damage? (1/5/2020)

Wild Justice Raptor Forensic Fund (21/4/2020)

Licenced removal of wild Peregrine Falcons for falconry (18/4/2020)

The Northern England Raptor Forum (NERF) represents the combined fieldwork and conservation interests of ten regional raptor study groups covering much of the upland areas of England.

Thanks to many hours of dedicated fieldwork from the volunteers within the raptor study groups, NERF holds the most comprehensive data-set for the success of breeding raptors, including Owls and Raven across the uplands of northern England.

NERF members’ core activity is to monitor and report the breeding success and year round distribution of target raptor species.

The NERF member groups have a wealth of experience with detailed research studies dating back 25+ years.

An annual report is published offering details at species level of occupancy, breeding success and distribution for the previous year.

NERF welcomes applications from other raptor study groups in the region.