Bob Elliot moving on…

Bob Elliot, UK Head of the RSPB Investigations Team, is moving on to take up a new post as the Director of OneKind. Throughout his tenure as the Department Head Bob has worked tirelessly in the fight against the seemingly never-ending battle to protect the UK’s raptors from relentless persecution. It is widely acknowledged that the RSPB Investigations Team does phenomenal work aiding the police and prosecuting authorities to put the criminals who kill birds of prey before the courts. However, a good team needs good leadership and Bob provided that leadership expertly.

NERF wishes him well as he follows his new and exciting career path, however from a purely selfish point of view there is no doubt that he will be sorely missed by Raptor Workers across the UK, and OneKind can count themselves fortunate to have lured him away.

Good luck Bob

Your friends in NERF

4 October 2018