NERF 2019 Review

We announced in July this year that we had taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Raptor Conference due to be hosted by the two Peak District raptor groups in November.

Even without the second COVID 19, lockdown, we could not see an acceptable way to safeguard the conference attendees in a manner that enabled the conference to be popular success we have become accustomed to. Not least of which is the social side of the event, which many of our conference attendees consider to be important as the informative and entertaining presentations.

In any event the second lockdown, announced at the end of October, would have led to short notice cancellation and this risk alone meant that an early cancellation was the most sensible thing to do.

The initial lockdown at the start of spring 2020, will undoubtedly have influenced fieldwork and data that will feature in the 2020 report (to be published in 2021), it does not mean that the 2019 report could not go ahead. This did create some difficulties, namely how would we manage the distribution of a hard copy and recovering the cost of producing the report, the conference being key to both these issues in the past.

The solution we have settled on is to produce a downloadable reduced content 2019 report Whilst we are hopeful that the global Covid pandemic will have been brought to an end as the vaccines become available, at the present time we feel that it would be wise to be cautious in predicting what the future will hold for us during 2021. We will of course continue to update as the situation unfolds.

The 2019 report can be downloaded here. (or click the image below)

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support. Hopefully we will be able to gather together again at the NERF 2021 Conference.

NERF 21st November 2020

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