Friends of Red Kites

Friends of Red Kites (in the North East of England)

The Friends of Red Kites (FoRK) are a well-established, membership-based, community organisation which was formed by volunteers in 2009 to encourage an active interest in the conservation of the red kite population in Gateshead’s Lower Derwent Valley and to continue to monitor their health & welfare.

It is the successor to the funded Northern Kites Project which was responsible for the re-introduction of 94 young red kites in the core area between 2004 and 2009.  [In 2006 red kites began to breed in the region for the first time after an absence of over 170 years.]

In addition to FoRK’s considerable experience in monitoring and protecting the Red Kites, the group channel their efforts into public engagement and education initiatives which raises awareness of the threats still apparent to Red Kites.   The species’ efforts to expand further into Northumberland, Durham and, indeed, Cumbria are also monitored by FoRK.

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