Marsh Harrier Nest Destruction – Nidderdale AONB


NERF members find themselves utterly appalled, angered and dismayed at yet another blatant wildlife crime against raptors on a North Yorkshire grouse moor.  North Yorkshire has the unenviable reputation as a wildlife crime hotspot with sickeningly routine regularity and this is yet another within the Nidderdale AONB.  In the dim and distant past Marsh Harriers nested so frequently on upland moors they were known as “moor buzzards” but this was the first time in living memory a nest had been found in such a situation and it has all come to nought because of the selfish criminal activity associated with grouse moors, although the harrier usually involved is the Hen Harrier.

The video below is used with the permission of the RSPB.


If you have any information in relation to this incident then please get in touch with North Yorkshire police on 101 quoting the job reference 165 27 05 2017 or call the RSPB Investigations team confidentially on 01767 693474.