Public Statements

Scotland moves closer to licensing Grouse moor management (1/12/2020)

Avian Flu found in the North of England (29/11/2020)

Red Kite found poisoned at Scrampston, North Yorkshire (25/11/2020)

The 2019 Review is now available for download (21/11/2020)

Dryad joins the ‘disappeared’. From ‘tree spirit’ to dead in 90 days. (17/9/2020)

Response to 2020 Hen Harrier Breeding Data Published by Natural England (11/09/2020)

Northern England Raptor Forum – Annual Conference 2020 cancelled.

Another day in the Peak District National Park and another shot raptor (10/6/2020)

Lockdown, the ‘New Normal’ and Raptor Crime (9/6/2020)

The country may have been in lockdown but in the countryside the killing fields were still open for business as usual (18/5/2020)

Licences to take wild Peregrine chicks – Part 3 (5/5/

Licences to take wild Peregrine chicks – Part 2

Is the Red Kite named ‘KK’ Covid – 19 collateral damage? (1/5/2020)

Wild Justice Raptor Forensic Fund (21/4/2020)

Licenced removal of wild Peregrine Falcons for falconry (18/4/2020)

It may be a different singer but it is the same old song (02/02/2020)

NERF fully supports Chief Inspector Louise Hubble, Head of the National Wildlife Crime Unit, following a vexatious attack by the Countryside Alliance (22/01/2020)

Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group – Activity Report Summer 2019 (12/12/2019)

RED KITE poisoned in the Nidderdale AONB (1/12/2019)

Ada the latest in a long line of Hen Harriers to join the ‘disappeared’ – on a grouse moor (28/11/2019)

The Hen Harrier Brood Management Plan – what should happen next?  (26/10/2019)

Hen Harrier Brood Management (12/6/2019)

Peregrine shot dead at Elton Reservoir, Bury (16/5/2019)

Dark Peak Peregrine ‘abandons’ nest containing three eggs. Really? (18/4/2019)

NERF’s response to Murgatroyd et al. Natural England’s paper identifying that the persecution of Hen Harriers on grouse moors is suppressing the population in Britain (22/03/2019)

Judgement on the Legality of a Research Trial For Brood Management of Hen Harrier (21/03/2019).
NERF Annual reviews 2009-2017 now available to download (19/3/2019)
River – another young Hen Harrier joins the swelling ranks of the disappeared (24/1/2019)
Congratulations Chris Packham CBE (30/12/2019)
Arthur joins his sister Octavia in the land of ‘the disappeared’ (13/11/2018)
Athena and three others join the ranks of the ‘disappeared (8/11/2018)
Mabel joins the ‘disappeared’ (19/10/2018)
As we predicted in September (18/10/2018).
Bob Elliot moving on… (6/10/2018)
Three more Hen Harriers join the ranks of the ‘disappeared’ (14/09/2018)
Another sorry tale of a grouse moor, a bird of prey and a gamekeeper (31/08/2018)
Hen Harriers – The English cohort of 2018 (05/08/2018)
 The 2014 national peregrine falcon breeding survey (12/03/2018)
Response to the Defra Announcement of plans for Hen Harrier Brood Management (18/1/2018)
The 2014 National Peregrine Falcon Breeding Survey
The Current Status of the Peak District Bird of Prey Initiative
Response to the Defra Announcement of plans for Hen Harrier Brood Management
The licensing of driven grouse shoots
NERF Statement on the PAW – Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group Persecution maps England and Wales
NERF’s response to the publication of RSPB Birdcrime 2016
Cabrach Estate – Hen Harrier Shooting Case see video below

The DEFRA Hen Harrier Emergency Action Plan – Year 1 Assessment

The Loss of ‘Mick’ & ‘Carroll’

Suspicious death of Hen Harrier ‘Rowan’

Peregrine found shot in Yorkshire Dales National Park

Response to Judicial Review Verdict – Common Buzzard

Father and daughter plead guilty to trying to sell wild Peregrines

Farewell – Mick Carroll 

NERF Wins PAW Partner of the Year 2014 Award – Issued 6/5/2015

NERF Statement  in response to Hawk and Owl Trust Position on Brood Management of nesting Hen Harrier – Issued 21/1/2015