Reporting a dead raptor

If you find a dead Bird of prey, Owl or Raven (if it’s ringed or tagged please report it here).

If you could also contact the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme. They will supply a postage paid box and after analysis, send you a copy of their findings.

Instructions on how to send a dead bird can be found through this link.

If you need any advice or help please use the Contact Us form on this website.

All birds of prey in England are offered legal protection. However, if you believe that the bird has been illegally killed, then the police should be contacted in the first instance using the generic Police contact number 101. Please ask for the Police ‘incident number’ and additionally ask that the matter is referred to a Wildlife Crime Officer (WCO). Please also report the incident to the RSPB Investigations Team on 01767 680551.

If a crime is in progress please ring 999.

  • If possible please make a note of the species(s) involved
  • Location, inc Grid / GPS reference
  • Description of person(s) involved (if applicable)
  • Vehicle details (if applicable)
  • Take photos
  • If you suspect deliberate poisoning, you can also call DEFRA’s Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning on 0800 321 600.

**Caution** Some of the poisons used to illegally kill raptors are extremely toxic to people, so suspected poisoned baits or victims should not be touched. Instead carcasses should be covered if possible (without destroying evidence) until the police or other authorised persons can retrieve them for analysis. The police should be informed of the location of the suspected poison as soon as possible