Papers and Journals

Papers and Journals that NERF members / member groups have co-authored:

Arjun, A., Court, I.R., Davison, M., Downing, S., Grimshaw, T., Pickford, T. and Raw, D. (2012) Linking nest histories, remotely sensed land use data and wildlife crime records to explore the impact of grouse moor management on peregrine falcon populationsBiological Conservation, 145 (1) pp 86-94.

Ewing, S.R., Rebecca, G.W., Heavisides, A., Court, I.R., Lindleye, P., Ruddockf, M., Coheng, S. and Eaton, M.A. (2011) Breeding status of Merlins Falco columbarius in the UK in 2008, Bird Study , 58 (4), pp379-389.

The breeding population of Peregrine Falcon [Falco peregrinus] in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands in 2014. Author(s): M. W. Wilson, D. E. Balmer, K. Jones, V. A. King, D. Raw, C. J. Rollie, E. Rooney, M. Ruddock, G. D. Smith, A. Stevenson, P. K. Stirling-Aird, C. V. Wernham, J. M. Weston & D. G. Noble. Published: March 2018 Journal: Bird Study Digital Identifier No. (DOI): 80/00063657.2017.1421610

‘Status of the Hen Harrier [Circus cyaneus] in the UK and Isle of Man in 2016’ Simon R. Wotton, Stephen Bladwell, Wendy Mattingley, Neil G. Morris, David Raw, Marc Ruddock, Andrew Stevenson & Mark A. Eaton. Published online: 29 Jul 2018

‘Metabarcoding‑based dietary analysis of hen harrier [Circus cyaneus] in Great Britain using buccal swabs from chicks’. Kevin Nota,· Stephen Downing, · Arati Iyengar 27 August  2019. Conservation Genetics DOI 10.1007/s10592-019-01215-y 

Raptor persecution in the Peak District National Park’. Tim Melling, Mark Thomas, Mike Price and Staffan Roos. British Birds 111 • May 2018

‘PEAK DISTRICT BIRD OF PREY INITIATIVE’ – The Peak District NPA, Moorland Association, The National Trust, Natural England, RSPB, Derbyshire Constabulary, Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group, South Peak Raptor Study Group

Bird of Prey Initiative 2012-2015 Report 

Bird of Prey Initiative 2016 -2017 Report

Bird of Prey Initiative 2018 Report